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Who am I?

I'm a thinker.

I love learning about and analysing businesses and their users to find the sweet spot where business goals and user needs overlap.

I'm a problem solver.

I'm at my most passionate when solving problems. Through whiteboards, workshops and any other means I'll find the right solution.

I'm a creator.

A background in design and frontend coding has given me the tools needed to define and design beautiful online experiences.

I am
Mike Jongbloet

I love creating on the web. I taught myself HTML and CSS when I was 12, and I've not looked back.

Throughout my career I have worked in many areas of digital; strategy, information architecture, design, search engine optimisation, development and content.

I'm now using the knowledge I have built up and the skills I have developed along the way to define and design engaging and compelling online experiences.


As a self taught web geek who has worked in many areas of digital one thing I've learned is you never stop learning.

Amongst other areas I've gained valuable experience in:

  • Digital strategy
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript coding
  • Information architecture
  • Mobile design
  • Search engine optimisation
  • User research
  • User interface design

Digital strategy

UX Design

UX Research


Some of my work

I've worked client side with IVF specialists and anaesthetists and agency side with car giants, household brands, rock stars and surgeons. A lot of my work is under NDA so here are some glimpses of my UX process.

Persona development

Research analysis

User interviews


Information architecture


Collaboration exercises


Rapid iteration

Whiteboard sessions

Design collaboration


Structural definition


Responsive design

User testing

Moderated sessions